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Back from the dead - admin - 05-14-2018

[Image: Jh0sBdA.gif]
So if you haven't noticed our website was down / unusable for weeks. It's because we have moved to VPS for our web hosting.  Now we have more resources at our disposal  Big Grin .  One main reason for the move was because of new Steam privacy policy.  With the new Steam privacy policy we can't convert forum points <-> store credits correctly using Steam API.  The conversion plugin needed to be reworked to use RCON to connect to game servers which shared hosting won't allow.  Also since we wanted to get rid of Wordpress that was installed on root so we wiped the whole site and reinstalled the forum.  We are slowly making progress on getting our website up and functional and we are getting there  Tongue.  Last but not least we are excited to announce we will open up a bhop server soon after we have decide on which timer to use  Cool !